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  1. Question of the Decade: What were…


    December 31, 2009 by A.C. Rhodes

    your musical highs and lows? Be as loving and brutal as you wish.

  2. From Wussy to Gwen: Blowing out the decade, one song at a time


    December 22, 2009 by admin

    Phil Dellio invited me on to his Sunday morning radio show on CKLN to count down our respective Top 10s …
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  3. Second last thoughts on the decade that was


    December 22, 2009 by admin

    I never did properly finish up with the “favourite music reads of the ’00s” did I? (Well, I guess Mr. …
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  4. From Arcade to Ashlee: Interview with David Cooper Moore


    December 15, 2009 by admin

    A big (maybe the biggest) story of the decade in pop for me personally was the thrilling and frequently surprising …
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  5. Bonus Question of the Week: All right…


    December 8, 2009 by A.C. Rhodes

    where were you on that dreadful, fateful night?

  6. Winter Looks at Books

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    December 7, 2009 by A.C. Rhodes

    This past year, fall and winter particularly, has been all about the 30th year of punk. Books by Arthur Kane’s …
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  7. Question of the Week: What Music…


    December 7, 2009 by A.C. Rhodes

    keeps you from or jogs you out of depression? Extra credit for holiday listening.

  8. Female Critics

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    December 7, 2009 by admin

    Via The Daily Swarm – an interesting video collage of various female critics (incl. Maura Johnston, Paige Maguire, Ellen Carpenter, …
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  9. Favourite Music Reads of the ’00s: #26 (Female Gods)


    December 4, 2009 by admin

    “In the past, [Jagger] has slipped into personae – the Street Fighting Man, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, the Man of Wealth …
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  10. Favourite Music Reads of the ’00s: #25 (Bass!)

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    December 2, 2009 by admin

    Stylus Magazine’s Top 50 Basslines of All-Time (2005) There’s some so-so writing in this, and some highly questionable choices (particularly …
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