July 11, 2012 by admin

You may have heard that Richard Meltzer has a new album out, a collaboration with Mike Watt and Japanese avant-pop ensemble Cornelius, called Spielgusher. A few items of note here:

– a cool podcast interview with Meltzer at IconFetch.com (about Spielgusher, but also about Richard Meltzer and rock criticism generally).

– Mike Watt on his own site has posted “meltzer lyrics for planned minutemen collaboration” (the idea for Spielgusher dates back to ’85).

– More info on the project at Blurt Online, along with a soundclip.

– profile on Meltzer and Spielgusher (“Sixty-three tracks of scatology and skronk“) at the Guardian.

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2 thoughts on “Spielgusher

  1. s woods says:

    Damn, sorry Andrew — saw your interview before and meant to include it in this roundup. Thanks for linking it.

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