Stranded II

Three new Greil Marcus-related pieces regarding Marooned: The Next Generation of Desert Island Discs (edited by Phil Freeman).

  • Everything’s bigger than life for legendary rock critic Greil Marcus... “In a Marcus sentence, every idea is a universe, and every song is a seismic disruption of the tectonic plates of American culture. Do not try this at home.” [Toledo Blade]
  • A conversation with… “It’s wrong to force these questions. It’s a completely false choice. I have probably 20 different records I can argue are the greatest. At any given time I feel that the sum total of what human beings can create is contained in the Chiffons’ ‘One Fine Day’ or the Clash’s ‘Complete Control.'” [Toledo Blade]
  • Desert Island Dick: (By Kevin John) … “It’s as though Marcus can’t recognize the many vital communities created and reinforced by modern music because they aren’t the globe-spanning movements of his imagination. Or in other words, he doesn’t get it, so it must be ungettable. Ugh.” [Chicago Reader]

All links directly from the Marooned blog, which has more info about the book, plus more links and stuff.

Listening: Kinks, “See My Friends”

One thought on “Stranded II

  1. It always seemed to me that as time wore on, and so many records were released, this question (along with the antiquated Rolling Stone’s top 100), had become outdated.
    However, if the question is looked at a different way, where stories about and meanings ascribed to records are at the forefront, then it may take a refreshing and insightful turn.

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