DeRogatis vs. Art Garfunkel

Jim DeRogatis harping once again on how bad he had it at Rolling Stone. (The most interesting thing about this 38-second clip is the revelation of how much an editor at RS actually makes… my eyes almost popped out of my head. )


One thought on “DeRogatis vs. Art Garfunkel

  1. Scott — Yes, that Rolling Stone salary Jim names blows my mind too. Beyond-ironic conjunction that Wenner was able to shell out $85 grand for an editor in the ’90s, whereas Lester Bangs told me in 1974 that CREEM was then paying him $85. a week(!) to edit the review section, write timeless confrontation features with Lou Reed, contribute nom-de-plume Rock-a-Ramas, etc., etc.. Lester’s value-for-money quotient was beyond stratospheric at CREEM in ’74.

    Richard “Wenners Never Quit” Riegel

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