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September 4, 2007 by admin

Two things that will happen in rockcritics, concurrent to other new content, will be: 1) the step by step building of a new ultimate links page (the old one, to be drastically revamped, can still be found here); and 2) the step by step building of a music bookshelf. While we will try to be as comprehensive as possible with the new links page, the bookshelf will be a much smaller venture, at least for starters. The idea is to focus not on the best-selling or critically acclaimed titles of music criticism, but rather, on the forgottens, the never-even-heard-ofs, the bubbling unders, and the b-sides. I’ve got enough titles like that on my own bookshelf to give this a run, but anyone who wants to chip in with a title (or several), let me know. I think (I hope) you’ll see what I mean after I post a couple entries. I’ll try and do the first one soon.


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