rockcritics interviews – re-posts up to date

FYI – The rockcritics interview archive is now up to date, everything from the ’90s to 2006. There are a few “roundtable” discussions not included–those will go in the revamped features section, which is the next task in the rebuild process. If anyone–interviewer or interviewee especially–notices an error in an interview due to the new formatting, please let me know. (Note that this offer does not extend to changes to the original content; that’s something you’ll have to live with.)

79 interviews thus far, by my count. Which is great. The scary thing is when you do a year-by-year count. At a certain point, those numbers dwindle drastically; our current total for 2007 is a big fat ZERO. (This is why we’re not. Hot, that is.)

Now if I could only get the new links to show up properly in Google… no idea how such a thing is done. The ones I reloaded last week are still showing up under the old URL.


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