Link of the Week: Neil Young Covers

There are obsessive projects and there are obsessive projects: my friend Phil Dellio’s latest Neil Young project would fall into the latter category. “Purple Words on a Grey Background: Four Decades of Neil Young Covers” is Phil’s A-Z rundown of Neil Young songs as performed by other artists… times 277! The piece started today in Stylus, and continues through the rest of the week (today’s entry ends at the ‘D’ section with “Danger Bird”).

Sample (from the “Cortez the Killer” roundup):

“The prize here, though, goes to the Byrds’, a live version taken from the not very well regarded reunion LP they put out in 1973. I’ve never heard the whole album, just the two Neil covers (cf. ‘[See the Sky] About to Rain’ below), but to me you’ve got the real Byrds, all five of them together, intersecting with an emerging colossus who shares both their strangeness and their brilliance. It’s Einstein and Freud, walking together on the beach, and I’m very grateful to learn that such a meeting took place. “

Great stuff–looking forward to reading the rest.


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