David Edelstein Interview

Great recent interview with movie critic David Edelstein by Paul Morton in Bookslut.


Natural Born Killers. I couldn’t even sit there while it was going on. I got up and walked around the back of the theater. I was so upset. I didn’t want to leave because I felt like I had to see the whole thing if I was going to denounce it. And I was going out with this girl at the time and she said to me [in a whiny voice], “I don’t understand. The Godfather was violent.” And that’s how I knew I wasn’t going to end up with that woman. Anybody who could dismiss my horror, my physical visceral fury at Natural Born Killers by saying, “The Godfather is violent.” No, there were plenty of reasons why we broke up. That and the fact that when we saw The Lady Eve, my favorite movie, she says, “I don’t get it. It’s not so good.” Also, she was bored by McCabe and Mrs. Miller. Three strikes.

(See also Aaron Aradillas’s 2005 interview with Edelstein in rockcritics.com)


One thought on “David Edelstein Interview

  1. This passage and the examples are hilarious. An old boyfriend just said this week that Easy Rider was about nothing and was boring. In fact he repeated it twice. So I reported him to the local heroin board. My ex-fiance thought Al Franken was never funny and a bit smug. I try to remind myself of that anytime I feel nostalgiac.

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