Ben Fong-Torres on YouTube (1972)


September 17, 2007 by admin

Ben Fong-Torres talks about the origins and circulation figures of Rolling Stone magazine, circa 1972. Scintillating stuff. (No idea where this is from–some Danish TV documentary?)

Watch here…


5 thoughts on “Ben Fong-Torres on YouTube (1972)

  1. That song at the end! Did I really hear the guitar wolf-whistle after the line about blue-eyed groupies?

  2. david says:

    Thx. This is a back link to my YouTube profile. This and all the other interviews on my channel are from a 4 part Danish documentary on the American counter culture revolution aired in Europe in the early 70’s. Enjoy!

  3. […] YouTube central, but some of these clips are irresistible. David Aron in the comments box for the Ben Fong-Torres post a few days ago pointed me to another oldie-but-goodie from his YouTube channel: Ralph J. Gleason. […]

  4. A.C. Rhodes says:

    What happened to Ben? YT deleted the video due to violation of service terms. People actually do searches for him & presumably this segment.

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