The Walrus, The Postman, The Comix and Other Things


If models want to act and actors want to be musicians, then what do musicians want to be? In the case of the Lancourt twins, Ansley and Branwyn, the answer is everything.

Starting their career at a tender age, with a record contract and national showcases straight out of college, they saw some major label indie fame and got kicked around fairly early, too.

It’s okay, almost. They lived to tell about it and have since moved on, adding other mediums of expression. Cartoons, critiques, short stories, interviews and a blog can be found at their year-old site, Walrus Comix.

Anyone who goes there will be pleasantly surprised that they have kindred spirits in the esoteric characters that comprise the comic section (Walrus, the cynic; Buddy his more idealistic pal). And commentary from the young artists themselves.

Angry about America’s lack of culture, downward spiraling mentality and general malaise? You’ve got a friend in this site. In fact you may read sentiments that are your own or wish you would hear more from people in positions of power.

Why not go there now and embrace the blue cheer?


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