More Arguments In Rock Criticism

This one dates back two and a half years to Stylus, which features Creem quotes about Rock Criticism from 20 years before that. It turns out people were just as curmudgeonly about it back then. Only within the pages of Creem it’s more hilarious. Do look back, won’t you?


One thought on “More Arguments In Rock Criticism

  1. Stylus’s extended sampling of the February 1986 CREEM sent me back to my archive to see that issue in the flesh. I was looking forward to finding out exactly what had inspired L.S. of Dallas, TX, to call me a “completely stupid fool,” but it turns out that Stylus reprinted the entire text as it ran in CREEM. (Likewise for the letters attacking Gregg Turner, J.Kordosh, and Dave DiMartino.) So much for “consumer” research. “L.S.” . . hmm . . could it have been from fellow crit Lytton Strachey? That would fit!

    I should point out that the Feb.’86 CREEM was the first issue published under the aegis of new owner Arnold Levitt, who’d taken over the mag after the Kramer bankruptcy the summer before. This was our first number since Oct.’85, and all of us, including the readers, had a lot of pent-up hoohah to express by now. As it happens, there’s an editorial note that the initial graphics redesign hadn’t allowed sufficient room for a traditional Letters column, so everything that did run was condensed, as above.

    Some funny and maybe perpetually relevant comments from us CREEMsters –Dave DiMartino, for instance, still thinks that Prefab Sprout album is one of the best ever. However, my favorite remark comes from Stylus reader Amanda Sarah:

    “August 31st, 2005 at 9:22 am
    Holy shit – dont[sic] you get sick if[sic] having nothing better to do then[sic] type all this shit on the internet?”

    Hey babe, looks like typing practice is EXACTLY what you need! (CREEMeze spoken here.)

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