New Creem Anthology… Boy Howdy indeed!

Just had my Amazon order of the new Creem anthology delivered to me at work. Don’t want to say too much about it yet (as I’ve owned it for all of 120 seconds–literally–and also because we have more full-fledged Creem content on the way in the weeks ahead), but… Holy Crap! This is NOT what I expected at all. What I Expected: A pocket-size collection of … Continue reading New Creem Anthology… Boy Howdy indeed!

Blog Alert: Cover Stories

Meant to mention this last week: On the website/blog Cover Stories, Mike Goldstein takes an album cover, and writes about it at length–extraordinary length–including (in some cases) Q&As with the photographers behind those covers. Not all the LPs covered thus far have been to my taste, but it’s a pretty cool idea for a site. The link comes courtesty of the always invaluable Music Press Report, which also features an interview with Goldstein … Continue reading Blog Alert: Cover Stories

New Roxy Music Book

I’ve been ordering some new music books lately, incl. the new Creem anthology (about which, more later), but the one I’m really anxious to read right now is this: Re-make/Re-model: Art, Pop, Fashion and the Making of Roxy Music, 1953-1972 (Michael Bracewell) Reviewed recently in: The Independent The Guardian The Telegraph The Observer I’ve had real difficulties getting into the other book I own by … Continue reading New Roxy Music Book

Stylus to Cease Publication

Stylus Magazine, Respected Online Music Publication, Will Fold After Halloween (New York Observer) This is really unfortunate news. As a reader, I’ve long felt a particular kinship with Stylus. I can’t think of a single other online or newsstand music publication in the last 10 years–I mean an actual publication, not a blog or chat room–that has catered to my own sensibility so well. Not … Continue reading Stylus to Cease Publication