New Creem Anthology… Boy Howdy indeed!

Just had my Amazon order of the new Creem anthology delivered to me at work. Don’t want to say too much about it yet (as I’ve owned it for all of 120 seconds–literally–and also because we have more full-fledged Creem content on the way in the weeks ahead), but… Holy Crap! This is NOT what I expected at all.

What I Expected: A pocket-size collection of various Creem reprints from the seventies.

What It Is: A mammoth, hardcover coffee table-size collection, incredibly and gorgeously designed, with reprints from across the entire history of the ‘zine, many (or maybe all) in their original format. All sorts of feature length stuff, all sorts of the random screwing-around that made Creem the greatest ‘zine ever. So many of my favourite writers are in it, too, of course.

Publishing event of the year–no question about it. Based on weight and design, at least. I’m in heaven right now.

rockcritics editor has heart attack on the spot 

30 thoughts on “New Creem Anthology… Boy Howdy indeed!

  1. I recently had the excitement of receiving my own copy from Amazon, and was very surprised at what a handsome volume it was. So far I’ve just read a couple of things, and I’m a tad disappointed at the many, many typos. Looks nice, though, and I’m just glad to have it at all. Creem made me the man I am today.

  2. I’ve been sleeping with the book under my pillow. All that vintage verbiage, plus Grace Slick’s and Wendy O. William’s exposed breasts too? Boy fuggin’ howdy!

  3. The book makes Creem look like a second tier “Hit Parader.” Not surprising, considering that Matheu was barely there. Most of the stories are by his kiss ass crew. Why don’t you guys ask Dave Marsh what he thinks?

  4. It can be purchased at too, if you prefer to buy from a company that doesn’t support animal fighting or gives most of its political donations to Republicans, as Amazon does.

  5. I apologize for saying that the CREEM book was written by fags for fags. It’s actually written by homos for homos. Did you see that photo of Keith Moon in a dress? I mean, really!

  6. You want to see the court papers, check out below:

    judge’s transcript granting injunction against Matheu & Co.

  7. This transcript is two months old. The book is in the stores, and if Lester Bangs were still alive and had compiled it, Dave Marsh would still say it was shit. These personal agendas make me ill.

  8. that’s a total rip off! matheu had nothing to do with the inner workings of the magazine. he’s a culture thief and this book is crap. btw, i mqade sure the fake website was disabled! so much for your scam mr. matheu you douche bag. i’ll be seeing you soon, punk.

  9. The website is indeed down. I’m just curious what the ultimate goal of all this is. If indeed Matheu shouldn’t have the rights to the Creem name and it is reverted back to Barry Kramer’s son, will Kramer relaunch it in some form (at least online)? I hope this doesn’t drag on forever…

  10. Well the book itself isn’t bad at all. Could have been much, much better but if you seperate the behind the scenes drama from the collection itself, I’m glad it got out and of course would love to see another one, with a little less focus on the later years.

  11. Curious why you’re letting a hacker publicly boast about disabling a legitimate Internet site.

  12. can only speak for myself “puzzled” but trying to moderate these decades-old wars, trying to determine what’s real, what’s libelous, what’s merely stupid, is pretty impossible for those of us not part of the inner circle (especially when many of you choose to write under pseudonyms). i gave up trying to figure it out a long time ago.

  13. So…I haven’t kept up at all about what’s been going on with this; just wanted to mention that I still haven’t been paid the measly $100 or whatever it is they promised me for reprint of my Beasties piece (which nobody even told me was being reprinted until the week the book came out); emailed Matheu about it in early June, and here’s what he wrote back; kind of curious now if *anybody* has been paid for their pieces:

    “As you may or may not know, we are tied up in court proceedings. I should know in the next 2-3 weeks where that leaves us. Let me reiterate something that I may or may not have mentioned we spoke, my personal intention with all things CREEM related was that everyone would share in the wealth and glory as it were. I won’t go into detail here as to what has been going on and why, but would be happy to ring you anytime. I personal appreciate your patience and as someone that has been on the other side so many times myself over the years, I understand.”

  14. While I check in often a few times a day, I didn’t catch the poster (who is rather late to the Creem whipping party), seven replies up. Had I done so a response would have appeared sooner.

    This should have been addressed, or rather, reiterated sooner but while discourse on the subject is accepted fake stories with no links (which seem also to appear on other sites) will not be presented.

    I bring this up only to halt slamming with pseudonyms. As someone posted above, this is a legitimate website and we look to avoid spammers who don’t stay on topic or make personal attacks rather than raise professional issues.

    There can be free speech without trolling and misusing the site we work to maintain.

  15. A.C. wrote, in part:

    “I bring this up only to halt slamming with pseudonyms. As someone posted above, this is a legitimate website and we look to avoid spammers who don’t stay on topic or make personal attacks rather than raise professional issues.”

    Yeah. I mean — “Gloria Stavers”? (See one of the posts, above.) With precious few exceptions (such as this one) I steer clear of newsgroups, blogs, forums and the like, because while the internet is a great source of freedom, it includes the freedom to ACT OUT anonymously.

    My late mama would have given every single one of you motherfuckers who post under fake names, subsequently start flame wars, etc., a whuppin’ that you’d still be feeling right now. If you are going to make public statements but don’t have the balls or the female equivalent to sign your real name to it, you and your comments are irrelevant, and you can kiss everyone else’s ofay (or otherwise) asses.

    If you have something to say, then say it — but stand, not hide, behind what you say.

  16. That ostensibly fastidious spammer just above evidently hasn’t gotten the memo that there’s no money in WRINTING any longer!!!

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  18. Before we invoke the Monroe Doctrine to keep this latest spammer out of the Americas, I’m wondering if he was trying to say “peer-REVIEW your article.” In the case of Creem, that’s going to be an eclectic bunch of peers, some of whom are still alive.

  19. eddie przydzial the kiss guy… only worked @ creem for a minute… 78-79. he ran the kiss beat. later he published the kiss museum news- was the first kisstory archivist for photos of the bands career. creem hated kiss it was eddie who brought kiss to creem and exposed them to the world. barry/connie kramer brought eddie in as a ghost reporter and inside scoop on the workings of the band. creem would have never covered kiss without eddie making it happen. just some facts.

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