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  1. More Tributes to Robert Palmer

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    November 28, 2007 by admin

    Robert Palmer’s widow, Jo Beth Briton, has launched a web site, in memory of Robert Palmer. The thank you section …
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  2. The Creem Dreem is over?


    November 28, 2007 by admin

    A couple weeks back, I was thrilled to receive my copy of the gigantic, gorgeously designed Creem anthology. Still haven’t …
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  3. Question of the Week: Which Rock Journalist,


    November 27, 2007 by A.C. Rhodes

    dead or alive, would you most like to see get his or her own anthology published?

  4. More on Robert Palmer (Mary Katherine Aldin)

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    November 27, 2007 by admin

    Mary Katherine Aldin writes: I was sent the link to your site by a fellow music writer who knew that …
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  5. Music Press Awards… Vote Today!


    November 26, 2007 by admin

    The Music Press Report is hosting its first annual Music Press Awards, and you are encouraged to partake. These are …
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  6. Addendum: Robert Palmer

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    November 25, 2007 by admin

    Michael Kramer forwarded a great piece he wrote about a memorial for Robert Palmer (with Lenny Kaye, Patti Smith, et …
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  7. Would You Pass The Guilt, Please?


    November 21, 2007 by A.C. Rhodes

    Since it’s Thanksgiving week, we thought we would ask a question that’s homespun if not heartwarming: What did your parents, …
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