Question of the Week: Which Rock Journalist,


November 27, 2007 by A.C. Rhodes

dead or alive, would you most like to see get his or her own anthology published?


11 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Which Rock Journalist,

  1. Steven Ward says:

    First off, I would say Paul Nelson and Robert Palmer. However, those two are in the works now so that doesn’t count.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a Chuck Eddy volume although I’m sure a lot of his stuff from the VV, Rolling Stone and Creem has been used in both Stairway to Hell and the Accidential Evolution of Rock n Roll.

    So I guess that doesn’t count either.

    Two British writers come to mind though — Geoff Barton and Phil Sutcliffe.


  2. Cory Frye says:

    Everett True. Byron Coley.

  3. Bob says:

    Tom Carson, Dave DiMartino, John Kordosh.

  4. Chuck says:

    You’ll laugh at this because he has SO many books out, but no one has ever put together a collection of Greil Marcus’s prime rock criticism. I remember great pieces on Fairport Convention, Warren Zevon, Some Girls, Fleetwood Mac etc.

    Others: Ellen Willis (long overdue) and Ed Ward (if only to read his 1977 ((I think)) P-funk piece again)

    Can’t wait for the Palmer book.

  5. s woods says:

    Chuck – Greil Marcus was one of my choices also, though I resisted noting it because, yeah, he already has 123 or 124 books on the shelf. But yeah, a collection of his record reviews and ‘real life rock’ columns (especially the list-y ones) with no specific connecting theme (a crucial point) would be fantastic.

    In answer to the question, though, I’d buy an anthology of just about anyone, so long as they were older than me.

  6. Barry Michael Cooper, Greg Tate, Frank Owen

  7. …and, let me not forget kris ex., ronin ro, dream hampton and amy linden. ’nuff said.

  8. A.C. says:

    Since DiMartino & Kordosh were mentioned, I’ll concur & add Bill Holdship & John Mendelssohn.

  9. Steve Crawford says:

    John Mendelssohn. Also, a volume of Rick Johnson’s work that focuses on his Creem writings.

  10. Ioannis says:

    Scott Seward! Also, many of those already mentioned above.

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