Monthly Archives: December 2007

  1. Question of the Week: Are Your Friends …


    December 26, 2007 by A.C. Rhodes

    mostly other writers or non-writers? Do they work in related fields or not? Either way, how does it contribute to …
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  2. Almost Infamous – Robert Matheu and the Big Book of Creem, Part I.


    December 19, 2007 by A.C. Rhodes

    Robert Matheu is pretty excited about his book release, CREEM: America’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll Magazine. In fact it’s all …
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  3. Question of the Week: What Were Your Favorite Magazines …


    December 18, 2007 by A.C. Rhodes

    while growing up and why? What are some of them now, or what do you miss about former ones?

  4. EXTRA: Music Criticism Thriving!


    December 16, 2007 by admin

    Lately, it seems that many of the pieces that get linked to around here are about how dismal are the …
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  5. Death Becomes Us?


    December 16, 2007 by admin

    Clouds and Clocks, the brainchild of Italian correspondent Beppe Colli (and a great site for interviews with well known experimental …
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  6. Bomp! Saving The World One Record At A Time…


    December 14, 2007 by admin

    Mark Boudreau in the Rock and Roll Report reviews a brand new Bomp! anthology: “I can distinctly trace my introduction …
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  7. Beyond and Back: The Punk Turns 30 Exhibit


    December 12, 2007 by A.C. Rhodes

    Although the verdict is still out as to whether 2007 was a complete bust, a bright spot was veteran punk …
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