Creem NY Observer follow-up piece

The New York Observer does a follow-up piece on the Creem debacle, focusing more on Marsh’s, Whitall’s, et al. battles with the ‘zines legacy (and less on the lawsuit).

Seems to me there’s an underlying, more interesting battle going on here–a sideshow to Matheu vs. the Creem critics–that being seventies Creemsters vs. eighties Creemsters (witness Whitall’s comment: “‘John Mellencamp?’ she said with incredulity. ‘He’s in there. Come on! He’s so un-Creem. Also, Duran Duran? I mean, what?'”)

3 thoughts on “Creem NY Observer follow-up piece

  1. I wasn’t even looking for this, but on page 27 of the January 1977 CREEM, which lists Bill Gubbins as Managing Editor and Susan Whitall as Features Editor there is a half-page feature called “Punk Admits to Living in Indiana” by Rick Johnson with a picture of “Johnny Cougar.”

    According to Johnson, “The man is Johnny Cougar and he ain’t no booger.”

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