R.I.P. Tom Terrell

The DJ Who Roared: Tom Terrell

In memory of Tom Terrell, July 16, 1950, to November 29, 2007

By Vivien Goldman (in MOLI)

“It is with great sadness–oh, yeah, right, just ignore that regular intro. It is with a big ol’ hole in my soul that I report the passing of writer, photographer, and inspired music aficionado Tom Terrell, a man who was a true soul brother to me and very many others around the whole musical world. He died this morning of prostate cancer…

“Among Tom’s abundant delights were his enthusiasm for and appreciation of the wacky racket of people and events around him–particularly the music. Tom had an encyclopedic knowledge of so many styles: funk, jazz, and rock too. Tommy Tee was a punk rocker who could launch into an insightful analysis of X-Ray Spex just as easily as of go-go king Chuck B & the Soul Searchers or of George Clinton, who hymned Terrell’s soul hometown Washington, DC, as Chocolate City. He was deeply into Brazilian music and Portugese fado–hell, he was a pioneering world citizen of music.” (Full article here…)

(Thanks to Steve Kiviat for sending this. See also Tom Terrell’s article on “Death and Music” from PopMatters in 2006, in part about the death of his aunt, noted jazz pianist/vocalist Shirley Horn.)

3 thoughts on “R.I.P. Tom Terrell

  1. Tom was one of my best friends in the world–hanging with him was always great musical experience. I learned more about pop culture from him than anyone else. He will be greatly missed.

  2. I met Tommy in the 70s through a woman I was dating who was a housemate of his on R Street in DC. Years later another woman I was dating ends up moving into Tommy’s house, too. I used to joke with him that, if I ever wanted to know who my next girlfriend would be, I should just come to his house first.
    In 1988 I was lucky enough to co-host his Halloween radio show on WHFS when they moved to Annapolis. I still have the tape of that show. I will miss him.

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