Two Quick Ones

1) I’ve received two e-mails recently about the whereabouts of older rockcritics material. It probably doesn’t hurt to reiterate now and again that all the rockcritics material, pre-October 2007, is now archived, via the links on the right sidebar. (To save your mouse the extra centimeter of movement, you can access them right here: interviews, features, index.) I notice that a lot of people are ending up on the front page of the site via old links which are no longer active. Please update your links, where possible. And if you can’t find something that used to be here, let us know.

2) At our last board meeting, we discussed the need to recruit more contributors to this site. Interviewers would be great, of course, but so would people who just want to post links and stuff on this blog. If you’re interested, e-mail myself or A.C. Rhodes. We’d love to hear from you. Don’t be shy.

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