Tribute to Tom Terrell at the Voice

Gregory Stephen Tate and a dozen others salute Tom Terrell in this week’s Village Voice, a great tribute to a writer and DJ I confess to being barely familiar with before the announcement of his death last week.

“Tom also threw the absolute best D.C. house parties back in the day, affairs eagerly awaited and renowned among men and dogs for their hot fusion of wine, weed, women, and song. Like me, Tom left DJing (and concert production) to scribe in New York: a natural transition, except Tom went on to also do, as he had in D.C., just about every job you could do in the music business without singing, strumming, and dancing. Not just promotion, marketing, and a&r, but tour managing (for Steel Pulse) and rigging lights 50 feet in the air above outdoor stages, too.”

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