Bomp! Saving The World One Record At A Time…

Mark Boudreau in the Rock and Roll Report reviews a brand new Bomp! anthology:

“I can distinctly trace my introduction to rock and roll like it was yesterday. From my first pre-pubescent exposure to a live Beach Boys record in Grade 5 followed quickly thereafter by the hard rock blast of Cold Gin by KISS, what has stuck with me almost as much as the music has been those that have taught me along the way and introduced me to all kinds of amazing rock and roll. From KISS to the Rolling Stones, from Styx to Frank Zappa and from the Sex Pistols to Rush (niche-free even back then!), my desire and interest in not only listening to but reading about rock and roll grew in leaps and bounds.

“As I look back at my musical journey through the rock and roll landscape, three people come to mind as being essential, not only to my enjoyment of rock and roll but to broadening my musical horizons: Keith Richards, Peter Buck and the incomparable Greg Shaw.”


4 thoughts on “Bomp! Saving The World One Record At A Time…

  1. greg shaw’s early writing in both rolling stone and phonograph record magazine were very influential to me in discovering music i might have ignored. his writing captures humor as well as insight.i had and kept almost every issue of who put the bomp. it was a source not unlike the internet, 30+ years before the internet was discovered.

  2. Kickass book. Suzy and Mick Farren did a great job, both in the selection process (Greg had started the project so it reflects his choices of course in many places) and in the narrative exposition to tell the whole tale. Amazing layout with the original pages reproduced… Lots of Theresa’s pics in there too! 😉

  3. There was a record store I would go in all the time pretty sure Greg Shaw owned it (I think it was called Bomp!) to buy records you coulndn’t buy ANYWHERE else. I went to see any group I could that you would find in there. I remember saying if I only had some money I could get involved in promoting some of these great groups, lots of people would love ’em. My friend Mark said “If I had some money I’d invest in THAT guy!” referring the Mark. He always seemed to be ahead of the wave. Sorry to hear he passed on…

  4. One year later, I chime in to say THANKS for the name-check Fred!
    I do love that book and BOMP! meant a lot to me… Greg Shaw is the man who really gave me all the breaks anyone could ever have wanted, and I feel honored to be part of a fantastic group of people to whom he gave a break. Kudos go to the art directors of SMOG Design – John and Jeri Heiden, and to Suzy for keeping the Bomp going.

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