6 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Are Your Friends …

  1. Many of my friends are retired music writers. They’re very nice, though the retirement farm isn’t quite as swank as initially promised.

    The others like music but want to keep it that way and have found meaningful means of employment. Or at least things that pay. Which can seem meaningful.

  2. My favorite one, well, she’s a rock critic. My second favorite one is a realtor. My third favorite one actually owes me several reviews and if he doesn’t get them in to me shortly he’ll be my fave dead rock critic….

  3. Most of the people I hang with these days have some connection with the record business; more of them (former) label employees than music journalists. A few performers, though I find those can be (new Question of the Week?) somewhat uncomfortable.

    A couple of people in times past were in the art world; that was pretty interesting, and totally new to me. The more interested they got in music, though, the less interested I got in them — I was looking for a world outside my own!

    Now, I mainly play with my invisible and pseudonymous friends on the Internet.

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