Fun Facts About Robert Matheu

Sabbra Cadabra, thou art Creemed at Cobo. Bob Matheu's very first photo in Creem, taken by Charlie Auringer for the June '72 issue. The cross was not his to bare.
  • Bob Matheu’s first photo for Creem was of Lou Reed & Mitch Ryder.
  • Matheu blew off hooking up with Sting and company at a recent opening of Trudy Styler’s spa in Paris to stay home with his kids and, presumably, wife. This, despite having once shared a bar of soap with Stingy and DiMartino at Menjo’s.
  • Ever the Renaissance man, he loves the Kaiser Chiefs and the Sights and is friends with Cheap Trick and The Romantics.
  • He claims that the first Creem issue that really took off (regionally) was the one with Grand Funk Railroad gracing the cover, making Homer Simpson’s assertion somewhat true. On e-Bay it can fetch $400, easy. It’s not all that, though.
  • Matheu attended the renowned Detroit west-side roadhouse show where Iggy was punched out by an anonymous avenger. Many claim to have been that actor.
  • The MC5 played his high school, Cody. He didn’t see them, as it was 1967.
  • Through genuine connections he was part of an underground syndicate of MC5, Sonic Rendezvous, and Patti Smith board tape and demo collectors. Did he share any via the net or even with friends? Not on your life.
  • Matheu was producer and photographer for the Sonic’s Rendezvous Band box set released on UK legacy label Easy Action in 2006. The six CDs consist of mostly unheard music.
  • Matheu was one half of the regionally celebrated Detroit punk rock duo, Rape ‘n’ Pillage. Their only gig was a 45 minute rendition of “I Get Around.” Brian Wilson left the beach again upon hearing the bootleg.
  • During a photo session with the Red Hot Chili Pepper circa Blood Sugar Sex Magic, after requesting that the band pose nude for the last set up, Flea insisted that the photographer be naked as well. He’s enjoyed getting naked at all photo sessions since, though Iggy has asked many times that he not.
  • No stranger to wandering boot-heels, Bob Dylan once commented on Matheu’s cowboy boots. However they were at the foot of his bed in the room he was sharing with Stan Lynch at the first Farm Aid. “Nice boots Stan, looks like you got lucky last night,” were Zimmy’s exact words. This, again, shows him secure enough in his manhood.
  • Behind the scenes editors at Harper-Collins wouldn’t approve R. Crumb’s Mr. Dreemwhip cover. Something about it being suggestive to the point of sexist. The drips.

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