Question of the Week: How Bad Is…

or was, office politics and how have you dealt with it? Since it’s been somewhat of a theme here lately, it could be interesting to explore.
Use aliases if you don’t feel like facing ghosts of the past, present or future – or if you’re just plain squeamish like many will undoubtedly be (including us, perhaps).


One thought on “Question of the Week: How Bad Is…

  1. Everyone knows that RAWK CRITICS don’t work in offices, if you can call what they do work at all. They starve in a single room crammed to the hilt with CDs and LP’s of some weird ideal of theirs without any regard whatsoever to whether a lot of people will identify with what they’re listening to and attempt to outhip each other. No album is great except for the album that remains the favourite from day one. There is snobbery toward any music happening in secret (such as the current wave of uberprog happening underground right this very moment with Canterbury and Sun Ra as lift-off points, led by groups and performers such as Subvulture, Vain, Cat Army, and Psychic Domanophone) and you won’t ever hear of any new bands until they’ve released their fifth or sixth album if they get that far.

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