Perfect Sound Forever’s Summer Session with The Dean of Rock Critics, Robert Christgau

Robert Christgau, of course otherwise known as the Dean of Rock Critics, will be editing the June 2008 edition of Perfect Sound Forever. Needless to say, the folks there are pretty excited about the prospect of having the Dean serving as guest editor for the summer issue. “We here at Perfect Sound Forever are very proud to be working with Robert Christgau on our June … Continue reading Perfect Sound Forever’s Summer Session with The Dean of Rock Critics, Robert Christgau

Scott’s Bookshelf, Part 5

30. Route 666: On the Road to Nirvana (Gina Arnold) – The gap between my enjoyment of Nirvana’s music and my disinterest in reading about them is more pronounced than it is with just about any other major pop/rock artist I can think of. I can’t really explain this gap aside from admitting I’m just being an unreasonable, stubborn bastard on the matter. I do have a vague sense that, back when they stalked the earth, there was an awful lot of nonsense written about them, and that the nonsense increased exponentially after April 1994. Can I point to anything specific to prove my case? Not really — like I say, it’s just a vague sense. I think part of it stems from the fact that the whole Seattle moment was one of the few genuine pop explosions of my lifetime that I not only didn’t feel part of, but in fact felt a little alienated by (though not alienated enough to prevent me from hearing the music). I wouldn’t say I felt any particular animus towards it — well, maybe a little bit towards goatees – I just never felt like this scene was mine, nor did I want it to be mine. If I was left out, that was fine; I didn’t really want “in.”

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Weekend links roundup

Robert Christgau slums it blogs and throws in his three cents about Pazz & Jop vs. Idolator: “I really don’t have a horse in this race. I like Idolator and have no love for the guys who fired me, and of course there would be a certain schadenfreude in seeing PJ fail without me–I resist it, but it’s there.” Marshall McLuhan blasts the Ford-Carter debate: … Continue reading Weekend links roundup