6 thoughts on “Bonus Q. of the Week: Best of the Rest?

  1. amy – back to black – unquestionably, regardless of any outside crap
    von sudenfed – tromatic reflexxions – hey, it’s mark e. smith
    plant/krauss – raising sand – kudos, no more lemons to squeeze
    1990s – cookies – they’re just sassy
    of montreal – hissing fauna – he’s just so sparkly

    and I’d take back to black anywhere

  2. Off the top of my head.

    Busdriver — RoadkillOvercoat
    Saul Williams — The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust
    Battles — Mirrored
    Radiohead — In Rainbows
    Public Enemy — How You Sell Soul etc.

    I’d take Radiohead on a car trip, any of the rest would drive my girlfriend nuts.

  3. Kala (M.I.A.)
    Blackout (Britney Spears)
    Alright, Still (Lily Allen)
    Because I Love It (Amerie)
    Timbaland Presents Shock Value

    All of them subway-tested.

  4. Also subway tested, except for Taylor (only have it on CD):

    M.I.A. Kala, Britney Blackout, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Mostly Wanted, Taylor Swift s/t (counted in 2006 but didn’t vote for it, listened more in 2007 and SHOULD HAVE VOTED FOR IT grrr), Pantha du Prince This Bliss

    Sunday morning breakfast bonus: Ashley Monroe Satisfied
    Alarm clock player longevity award: tie between Hyphy Hitz, Carole King Tapestry, and “Leave (Get Out)” by Jojo.

  5. Alarm clock player longevity award: tie between Hyphy Hitz, Carole King Tapestry, and “Leave (Get Out)” by Jojo.

    Say what? Some mornings you awake to the strains of “You’ve Got a Friend,” other mornings to “Stewy (ewy) (ewy)”?

  6. Naw…Tapestry‘s a great wake-up album…”I feel the earth…move…” and you’re up and then you can kind of doze off again to “So Far Away” and wake up to “Too Late.” I’m usually up by then. Hyphy Hitz for some reason I got stuck on the Mac Dre song “Feeling Myself” and it became one of my favorite songs on there. A couple of great lines…

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