Old Letters #7


February 7, 2008 by admin

[Rolling Stone, June 14/79)

(“Perspicacious” = Elvis Costello’s dad was clearly brushed up on his Christgau!)


4 thoughts on “Old Letters #7

  1. …just wondering if mama elvis beat him when he insulted ray charles.

  2. s woods says:

    Actually, that brings up a good point. When I posted this, I just assumed it had been written prior to the fracas in Columbus, Ohio, but in fact, the Columbus incident occurred in March. Changes my perspective on it somewhat.

  3. s woods says:

    Let me clarify: I mean it changes my perspective on the letter. The motives seem more obvious now.

  4. Todd Totale says:

    Weird. I just listened to Armed Forces not too long ago and wondered if Elvis got an grief for that line in “Oliver’s Army.” This letter confirms that he must have, but I do remember the fallout that Gonzales referenced above. Nice!

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