3 thoughts on “Old Letters #10

  1. I just looked back through the RS Cover to Cover archives to see the article Lenny Kaye’s referencing here. It’s a piece in the May 11, 1968 issue called “Da Doo Ron Ron” by Richard Fannan, the only piece he ever wrote for RS (if their search engine is to be trusted). It’s a hysterically-pitched piece of writing, with one awful factual error (he attributes a lyric — in itself badly misquoted — “You kissed me and it felt like a punch” — to the Ronettes, not the Crystals, which is kind of a big deal given that the Crystals are not even mentioned), and horrible characterizations of the Ronettes as “hookers” and the Shangri-Las as “whores”… and yet, he might be saying this favourably, it’s a little hard to tell. The piece is really muddled — a stoner’s attempt to work some Kenneth Anger type of voodoo into an article? Anyway, Kaye’s (very funny) letter was more than a little justified!

  2. Unless, of course, the article was some elaborate joke. In which case it’s just badly dated humour.

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