Scott’s Bookshelf, Part 6

Trudging along with this feature, ever so slowly…

36. Songs They Never Play on the Radio: Nico, the Last Bohemian (James Young) – Another one in the haven’t-read-it-but-would-like-to pile. From what I gather it’s a tour diary (written by the guy who played keyboards with Nico throughout the ’80s) with many episodes of wanton drug use. Truthfully, not really my idea of a good time. And yet… every review I’ve read suggests that it’s much more intelligent than my no doubt reductive encapsulation suggests.

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Interview with a Parenthetically-Challenged Rock Critic

A nice weekend companion piece to the DiMartino finale: Soundcheck: An interview with “formerly famous” music critic John Mendels(s)ohn  At (thanks to Barbara for the heads up.) My real name is with one ‘s.’ But when I was around 30, I thought it would be cute to add a second ‘s’ to make it like the classical composer. When I moved to England, I had to … Continue reading Interview with a Parenthetically-Challenged Rock Critic

Fun Facts About Dave DiMartino

    Musical heartbreak came early for Dave as his first record, Alvin & the Chipmunks, was left too close to the radiator rendering it unplayable. The first record bought with Dave’s own money was the Beach Boys, All Summer Long. Dave’s father, at the time a record storeowner, originated the policy of renting customers listening devices to call in to hear new music. Somewhat … Continue reading Fun Facts About Dave DiMartino