Sunday Links x 3

1. Someone else’s bookshelf: “45 Books for the Literate Music Fan” (BullzEye)… Haven’t read this yet, but it looks like fun. Not familiar with the publication or the writers, but the selections are interesting, curious, occasionally reprehensible (Songbook ousting Love is a Mix Tape? I don’t think so…), and possibly revelatory (I had no idea an ultimate guide to power pop even existed). (via MPR)

2. “Catch of the day: John Zorn hates critics” (Guardian)… “composer John Zorn politely but firmly requested that any critics attending his opening performances at St Ann’s Warehouse last weekend agreed not to review it.” What a twit — seriously, this guy’s music is now too precious to even be discussed? (via MPR)

3. I was hoping earlier in the week to mention Maxim-gate, but time prevented me from doing so… Groundwork of the story can be found here; follow-up coverage by the Dean here. (via NAJP)

5 thoughts on “Sunday Links x 3

  1. Hey, thanks for the link to the 45 Books piece. As one of the writers who contributed — and the guy who picked that power pop guide — I certainly agree that Sheffield’s book would have been a worthy member of the list. But hey, that’s the beauty of lists…something always gets left off. And then we all talk about it. — Jeff Giles,

  2. In the interest of dispelling the myth that John Zorn is a dick – I had a recent assignment to interview him and, while he eventually refused the interview, we spent at least an hour over a couple of phone calls discussing the possibility. He called me to discuss it, in fact. I’m not bragging, just saying he was as congenial and respectful about denying an interview request as someone of his stature could be.

  3. Alex, that’s an interesting and actually really funny story — the long back and forth discussions between the two of you to determine if you could “interview” him! — and I’m sure Mr. Zorn is a nice fellow and all, but I’m sorry, this idea of him not “allowing” for reviews of his show is utter nonsense. Did he specify if people are allowed to discuss the show with other people afterwards? How about write their thoughts in a private journal — is that acceptable? Is there a waiver form at the front entrance I can sign to think about his performance? I mean, come on…

  4. I think that the fact that his asking not to be reviewed has basically fostered a bad review of him underscores some of the reasons why he opts out of the whole process to begin with.

  5. Thanks for the link to the “Rock of Pages” piece! For the record, we DID include “Love Is A Mix Tape” as an “Also Recommended” pick. But when it came down to the votes, “Songbook” really did get more votes from the staff…

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