Harp Magazine Folds

A Fine Issue of Harp Magazine
This year’s SxSW Music Conference seemed promising enough; until Thursday, March 13th (might as well have been Friday) when word reached us that the glossy, Harp Magazine, was halting publication. While to some of the editorial staff, it didn’t come as a complete surprise, it was a shock nonetheless; one that rapidly reverberated down to other writers, publicists (who didn’t want to believe it at first, or second mention), and music journalism enthusiasts alike.
After receiving word via cel inside the Austin Convention Center from editor-in-chief Scott Crawford, managing editor Fred Mills, later emailed writers to break the news. Two Harp parties, which featured The Sadies and Golden Dogs along with Jay Mascis and Thurston Moore & the New Wave Bandits, were held on consecutive days and went on successfully, the staff hauling copies in for the public.
As for the matter of what turns out to be the final content, it looks like Dave Grohl gets the last word with his bid for the presidency in an Election 2008 Special.

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