Question of the Week: What Currently Out of Print Magazine …


March 17, 2008 by A.C. Rhodes

do you miss most?


11 thoughts on “Question of the Week: What Currently Out of Print Magazine …

  1. niraj says:

    punk planet

  2. Garrett says:

    It is hard for me to decide whether I miss 1970s Rolling Stone, or Option magazine, or Musician magazine, as I found them so very thoughtful and fun. I still recall an interview in Rolling Stone with Mick Jagger when he discussed Artaud and the theatre of cruelty; and I recall the Option pieces with obscure new rock bands and very interesting world music artists; and Musician magazine’s serious treatment of popular performers and musicians. I guess I miss Option the most because I probably learned the most from it, that it most affected my taste by introducing me to new sounds.

  3. Fred Mills says:

    At the moment, the name that comes immediately to mind is… Harp! But I may be confusing that with another mag. I’ll have to think on it some….

  4. porky says:

    Billy Miller’s KICKS

  5. Bob says:


  6. Brett Milano says:

    I still miss Trouser Press. And I guess I[m about to start mising Harp and No Depression.

  7. Janiss says:

    RIP magazine, when Lonn was in charge, ’cause I had so much fun doing those stories and editing my fellow writers! It was the only metal mag with smart writing – I wouldn’t have even considered being on staff for any of the others in that genre.

  8. The Intl says:

    Early Creem; Trouser Press; 70’s Melody Maker; Bomp; Punk; New York Rocker; Spy; Confidential.

  9. Musician, Motorbooty, Space-age Bachelor, early hip-hop magazines in the years before bling…

  10. Mark Kemp says:

    Creem, Motorbooty, Grand Royal and… Option, of course.

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