11 thoughts on “Question of the Week: What Currently Out of Print Magazine …

  1. It is hard for me to decide whether I miss 1970s Rolling Stone, or Option magazine, or Musician magazine, as I found them so very thoughtful and fun. I still recall an interview in Rolling Stone with Mick Jagger when he discussed Artaud and the theatre of cruelty; and I recall the Option pieces with obscure new rock bands and very interesting world music artists; and Musician magazine’s serious treatment of popular performers and musicians. I guess I miss Option the most because I probably learned the most from it, that it most affected my taste by introducing me to new sounds.

  2. At the moment, the name that comes immediately to mind is… Harp! But I may be confusing that with another mag. I’ll have to think on it some….

  3. RIP magazine, when Lonn was in charge, ’cause I had so much fun doing those stories and editing my fellow writers! It was the only metal mag with smart writing – I wouldn’t have even considered being on staff for any of the others in that genre.

  4. Early Creem; Trouser Press; 70’s Melody Maker; Bomp; Punk; New York Rocker; Spy; Confidential.

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