Fun Facts About Dave DiMartino


  • Musical heartbreak came early for Dave as his first record, Alvin & the Chipmunks, was left too close to the radiator rendering it unplayable.
  • The first record bought with Dave’s own money was the Beach Boys, All Summer Long.
  • Dave’s father, at the time a record storeowner, originated the policy of renting customers listening devices to call in to hear new music. Somewhat the song man himself, he composed music to which his wife wrote lyrics, making the two a sort of post-war Sonny & Cher.
  • Dave’s high school band, the Intergalactic Space Force, was featured in the title sequence (and participated in the discussion) of Right On, a film paid for by the Dade County School Board and shown to Miami’s teachers for five years in the early ‘70s. It was intended to show what “today’s kids felt about the issues.”
  • Dave and his young teenaged friends often depended on the kindness of strangers to catch rides to regional rock fests. One, held closer to his house at Gulfstream Race Track in ’68, was a dry run for Woodstock.
  • What could be cooler than the Velvet Underground playing a converted bowling ally; perhaps Dave’s attendance? His brother saw them the one night he failed to go to the club. Both, however, witnessed the infamous Doors concert where Jim Morrison was said to have whipped out his member.
  • The following year it would be Dave’s turn to whip it out, as with no portals in the area, he had to make due with the mud – camouflaged by the crowd. He had an awesome view of the Stones, though. Fittingly, they did “Gimme Shelter.”
  • Dave’s fateful introduction to future co-editor Bill Holdship occurred at the record store, Schoolkids, where Dave worked. Bill came up to counter with two records, Andrew Gold’s first and Neil Sedaka’s comeback on Rocket Records. Sadly, he was not being facetious.
  • In a demonstration of passive-aggression over waiting an hour to interview Morrissey,  Dave showed up with his half-eaten McDonald’s dinner. Ironically, this was during the Meat Is Murder tour.
  • Along the same lines, after Dave’s landmark Clash interview (the first time Joe Strummer would destroy a tape recorder), readers gave him flack, too, but mostly for what they projected to be his attitude and chain smoking.
  • During the bouquet-tossing portion of Dave’s wedding reception, a young girl knocked it out of the hands of the woman who caught it. The woman was Bebe Buell.
  • He loves “Roxanne” (the song, silly).
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