Interview with a Parenthetically-Challenged Rock Critic

A nice weekend companion piece to the DiMartino finale:

Soundcheck: An interview with “formerly famous” music critic John Mendels(s)ohn 

At (thanks to Barbara for the heads up.)

My real name is with one ‘s.’ But when I was around 30, I thought it would be cute to add a second ‘s’ to make it like the classical composer. When I moved to England, I had to go back to the original one ‘s’ because my passport has one ‘s’ and my wife was spelling it with one ‘s.’ So I made the second ‘s’ optional. Hence the parentheses. On a scale of ‘not funny at all’ to my favorite Andy Kaufman moment or Monty Python sketch, it’s a little funny. It makes my byline slightly unusual.

(See also, Mendels[s]ohn’s 2001 interview with Steven Ward.)


3 thoughts on “Interview with a Parenthetically-Challenged Rock Critic

  1. I have had the extraordinary pleasure of reading some of John’s unpublished works of fiction. John’s status of being “formerly famous” speaks volumes about the literacy (not to mention the intellectual curiosity) of the land of the free and the home of the brave.


  2. John’s album with Christopher Milk (“Some People Will Drink Anything”) is one of my all-time favorite obscurities. He does a really great anglo-affected “Locomotion”.

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