5 thoughts on “Question of the Week: With Memorial Day as a Backdrop…

  1. Lester Bangs, Rick Johnson, Arthur Lee; the latter’s “You Set the Scene”.

  2. I’ve been missing Frank Zappa as time goes on, but you’d already guessed I would say that, didn’t you? No particular song.

  3. Writer: Rick Johnson. A real shame he wasn’t writing regularly after Creem folded.

    Song: Decoration Day, Drive-By Truckers.

  4. Rick Johnson – I’m looking at one of his “My Room” postcards right now. A truly special person/writer, and I’d bet that his best work was still ahead of him. Beyond sad…

  5. I would have to second and third Lester Bangs and Rick Johnson; mostly because of their contributions now being finite and also never having the chance to meet them.
    Of course, for those around 40 or so, there’s the undeniable nostalgia factor. Pre-MTV or even as it first struck up, there wasn’t the media saturation present now. One was often left to their own devices; listening to music, rereading interviews and imagining what their lives were like.

    This year, the songs that stand out equally are Arthur Lee & Love’s, ‘Signed, D.C.’ and Tim Buckley’s, ‘Once I Was’. Artists both gone, but not forgotten singing about a population who oft is, unfortunately.

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