Scott’s Bookshelf, Part 10

58. Top Pop Singles, 1955-2006 (Joel Whitburn/Billboard) – Back in an earlier entry of the bookshelf I called the 1992 edition of The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits (Whitburn) my “most consulted book of all-time.” Pretty sure I wasn’t exaggerating, but this latest Whitburn opus, just received through the mail, is bound to replace it. In truth, it’s the Billboard book I’ve long craved: artist and song listings … Continue reading Scott’s Bookshelf, Part 10

Of His Excellency, Byron Coley

If nothing else, a review by Ben Sisario in the New York Times of Byron Coley’s and Thurston Moore’s fabulously illustrated coffee table book, No Wave: Post-Punk. Underground. New York. 1976-1980. is a sparkling addition to the annals of Times honorifics. Surely, “Ms. Lunch” ranks right up there with “Mr. Loaf,” no? (Read excerpts from the book here.) Continue reading Of His Excellency, Byron Coley

Chuck blogs

Added a couple new blogs to the sidebar, both courtesy of Hall of Fame inductee, Chuck Eddy: Next Little Things is hosted by Idolator, and is described thusly: “Each week, dozens of songs and albums from up-and-coming (or just plain unknown) bands debut on the world’s music charts. Some of these bands will never be heard from again; some may become the next little … Continue reading Chuck blogs

Scott’s Bookshelf, Part 9

57. Blowin’ Hot and Cool: Jazz and Its Critics (John Gennari) – Just a lone title this time around, as it’s still fairly fresh in the brain. An exhaustive (at least as far as I can tell — someone more knowledgeable on the subject might say otherwise) history of jazz criticism featuring richly drawn portraits of the leading jazz critics of the last 80 years … Continue reading Scott’s Bookshelf, Part 9