Chuck blogs

Added a couple new blogs to the sidebar, both courtesy of Hall of Fame inductee, Chuck Eddy:

  • Next Little Things is hosted by Idolator, and is described thusly: “Each week, dozens of songs and albums from up-and-coming (or just plain unknown) bands debut on the world’s music charts. Some of these bands will never be heard from again; some may become the next little thing. That’s why every two weeks Chuck Eddy will be exploring the world beyond the Billboard 200, where he’ll look for diamonds in the MySpace rough.”
  • Chuck It All In, housed at Rhapsody, has Chuck discussing the other three hundred records he listens to every month which he doesn’t have space to discuss at the other blog… or something! Appears to be more of a list-y/retrospective sort of thing. In a recent entry, he posted a snazzy list of Bo Diddley-soundalikes, “a wide-ranging, five-decade-spanning selection of landmark musical moments that his beat made possible.”

(Rumour also has it that Chuck’s currently compiling an anthology of his best writing to be published in book form. But don’t tell anyone you heard it here first.)


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