Riley Rock Index


June 23, 2008 by admin

Haven’t made my way through much of it yet, but the Riley Rock Index looks pretty damn cool. Tons of great links to peruse (incl. lots of writers/publications on the sidebar). Courtesy of Tim Riley, who’s  somewhere on my bookshelf — ah, yes, over there, engaged in a cross-continental arm wrestle with Ian MacDonald.


4 thoughts on “Riley Rock Index

  1. Tim Riley says:

    Just for the record: I adore MacDonald’s book even though he never liked mine.

    Peace, Rim Tileyhood

  2. s woods says:

    Interesting, Tim. Did he ever tell you why?

    I read both books years apart (yours probably 15 years ago, his 10 years ago) and have some ideas about why they’re so different, despite near-identical formats, but I’d need to read through them again to figure it out (on a surface level, I’m tempted to say his book is ‘John’ and yours is ‘Paul’, trust me when I say that’s a high compliment to both of you). What I hope to do someday is read them side by side, bouncing back and forth song to song.

  3. s woods says:

    No idea how that damn smiley face got in that response, but it’s a pretty funny placement!

  4. Tim Riley says:

    Well that’s sobering, seeing as how much GRIEF I took from Paul fans when it came out… I definitely lean more towards the Dr. Winston side of that equation, although I think Mc. tends to get underrated AS A BEATLE. But stay tuned: Philip Norman comes out soon, and I’m gonna follow up next fall with my own Big BIGGER BADDER statement… TR

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