Question of the Week: What’s your favorite…


July 1, 2008 by A.C. Rhodes

music movie? Documentaries can be included as well as pop culture pics.


33 thoughts on “Question of the Week: What’s your favorite…

  1. patti says:

    rock and roll high school

  2. A.C. Rhodes says:

    That was phenomenally fast. I’m taking Head and Easy Rider.

  3. s woods says:

    Probably Mean Streets.

  4. s woods says:

    “Probably” because a bunch of others come really really close. I’ll take that, however, as it’s the first music movie I saw that wasn’t a documentary that completely knocked me out.

  5. Trainspotting. If that doesn’t count I’ll take Hard Day’s Night.

  6. Super Fly (Curtis Mayfield), Black Caesar (James Brown), Purple Rain (Prince), The Virgin Suicides and American Pop.

  7. Steven says:

    Scott stole my answer, Mean Streets, so I’ll go with Performance.

  8. Hogan says:

    The Kids Are Alright

  9. Bill Tuomala says:

    Ditto. The Kids Are Alright.

  10. Almost Famous and Repo Man.

  11. Janiss Garza says:

    Repo Man, which I worked on (I was supervising assistant editor and a fresh film school dropout). And yes, I totally knew it was going to be one of the greatest punk cult films ever when I was toiling away over the Moviola.

  12. Turn it Down Zine says:

    Gimme Shelter is great.

    and my favorite music doc.
    (would be the the never-to-be-made doc.)
    The Fortune Records Story!
    -including live (& non-existent) video of
    Nolan Strong
    Nathaniel Mayer
    & Andre Williams!

  13. ted cogswell says:

    Nice call putting that shot from ‘Head’ up top, definitely one of my favorites.

    One I’m surprised hasn’t been mentioned yet is ‘The TAMI Show’.

    I’d also include ‘Smithereens’, ‘Wild in the Streets’, ‘Out of the Blue’, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains’, ‘The Girl Can’t Help It’, ‘Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii’, ‘Mystery Tain’, and ‘American Hot Wax’ (where’s the dvd of THAT??).

  14. Nate P. says:

    ‘Wild Style’. Talk about a right-place/right-time movie — it still blows my mind how we went from that to Jay-Z owning Glastonbury.

  15. Richard Riegel says:

    ‘Get Yourself a College Girl’ (1964): Leonard Maltin sez “Strictly for dropouts,” which neatly sums up the vapid “plot,” but the music, a once-in-a-lifetime lineup of the Animals, the Standells, the Dave Clark Five, the Jimmy Smith Trio, and Nancy Sinatra, is beyond fab!

  16. ted cogswell says:

    And duh, one of my all-time favorite movies period, ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’.

  17. Steven Ward says:

    Urgh! A Music War
    Velvet Goldmine
    The Virgin Suicides

  18. The Barman says:

    “The Mc5: A True Testimonial”, of course. No-one said anything abiout excluding unreleased movies did they?

  19. Legs McNeil says:

    Hard Days Night & Don’t Look Back.

  20. Documentaries: Stop Making Sense, Dave Chappelle’s Block Party

    Movies: Scorpio Rising, Mean Stteets, The Wanderers

  21. Art Worker says:

    1) Jazz On A Summer’s Day (1960)
    2) The T.A.M.I. Show (1964)
    3) The Big T.N.T Show (1966)
    4) Heartland Reggae (1980)
    5) Hard Day’s Night (1964)

  22. daphne says:

    Decline and Fall of Western Civilization I (II is great but so tragic)

  23. Jason Gross says:

    I recommend Kenneth Anger’s “Rabbit Moon”- a surreal combo of surreal mime and doo-wop. It’s available on the recent collection The Films of Kenneth Anger, Vol. 1.

  24. part-timer says:

    Phantom of the Paradise

  25. 1. Hard Day’s Night
    2. Purple Rain
    3. Krush Groove
    4. Dreamgirls
    5. Lady Sings The Blues

  26. Brian says:

    The Blues Brothers…

  27. Ryan says:

    i mean the original not the other movie by that name

  28. Ryan says:

    also rude boy, though lacking in certain areas, has probably the best concert footage ever shot.

  29. i forgot one…the harder they come; god, i love that movie.

  30. Garrett says:

    There are a bunch of films featuring music (or musicians) that I have liked, including Blonde Venus, Princess Tam Tam, Frankie and Johnny, Funny Girl, Performance, Lady Sings the Blues, Nashville, Claudine, Saturday Night Fever, The Rose, Say Amen Somebody, Yentl, Basileus Quartet, Mo Better Blues, 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould, Velvet Goldmine, Evita, The Full Monty, The Red Violin, and Melinda and Melinda; and my favorite is probably 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould, which approaches the character, life, and music of Glenn Gould from different angles, including documentary and acted segments (and even featuring a segment in x-ray vision)…

  31. Chris Neal says:

    A Hard Day’s Night

  32. Mister Shabbadoo says:

    5 STARS:
    Monterey Pop (along with the complete Jimi Hendrix and Otis Redding outtakes)
    Stop Making Sense

    4 1/2 STARS:
    The Kids Are Alright
    Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii (the original..not the lame “Director’s Cut”)

    4 STARS:
    Gimme Shelter
    The Concert for Bangladesh
    The Last Waltz

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