Monthly Archives: August 2008

  1. Question of the Week: What was the day…


    August 25, 2008 by A.C. Rhodes

    the music died, for you? Well, maybe not completely, but if not, when did you first notice a definite turnaround? …
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  2. Question of the Week: What phase of …


    August 18, 2008 by A.C. Rhodes

    the Beatles, Stones, Kinks or other band of your choice is your favorite?

  3. Muxin’ It Up


    August 13, 2008 by admin

    Decided to do something a little different with my latest “muxtape” – posted some interviews and spoken word stuff, including …
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  4. Question of the Week: Which era that you narrowly missed…


    August 7, 2008 by A.C. Rhodes

    professionally would you most liked to have reviewed records and shows? If you were among those fortunate enough to have …
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  5. Information Highway OD and the User-friendly Remedy

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    August 7, 2008 by A.C. Rhodes

     We’ve all heard the declarations before; Internet websites are killing print media and print outclasses the net by being the …
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