Muxin’ It Up

Decided to do something a little different with my latest “muxtape” – posted some interviews and spoken word stuff, including a two-parter with Lester Bangs. Listen to it here. [Note: I’m not sure muxtape appreciates the length of all these… previewing some of them at work, I noticed that they cut off early.] And while on the topic of old interviews, Pacifica Radio Archives, in … Continue reading Muxin’ It Up

Information Highway OD and the User-friendly Remedy

 We’ve all heard the declarations before; Internet websites are killing print media and print outclasses the net by being the most traditional, convenient and often better quality form of news. It’s like the cable versus major network argument, except with more public participation. All these forms of information sharing and interaction, yet one big communication breakdown. So, what are readers, and especially writers, to do? … Continue reading Information Highway OD and the User-friendly Remedy