Information Highway OD and the User-friendly Remedy

 We’ve all heard the declarations before; Internet websites are killing print media and print outclasses the net by being the most traditional, convenient and often better quality form of news. It’s like the cable versus major network argument, except with more public participation. All these forms of information sharing and interaction, yet one big communication breakdown. So, what are readers, and especially writers, to do?
Jason Gross, Perfect Sound Forever editor and freelance writer, offers his considered assessment along with some imaginative solutions in his guide, “Surviving the Net Crunch: A Practical Guide for Print Publications in a Digital World,” at PopMatters. One-quarter good hearted “stop sniveling” and three-parts solution focused, there is great for thought, practice and interaction, as respondents have already replied to the article. Both bring up the possibility of symbiosis; how the two media forms may not only coexist, but become a beneficial compliment, playing off the other for innovative content and readership ideas. Why not discuss amongst yourselves here, or there?

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