In the Final Quarter

Who are you listening to and what releases are you anticipating over the next three months?


11 thoughts on “In the Final Quarter

  1. I’m listening to the Hold Steady. I can’t get enough of this band. I love everything about them. I am looking forward to the new Kings of Leon and waiting for another Pavement reissue.

  2. OK — prog geek alert here —

    I’m looking forward to part three of the Genesis box set series — “Genesis — 1970-1975” which will be out in November.

    These are the Peter Gabriel-era studio albums. Not only can I not wait for a remastered and remixed “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” but I’m giddy about the reissue interview extras about the making of albums. (Steve Hackett, how did you come up with your signature guitar solo on Firth of Fifth from “Selling England by the Pound”?)


  3. Spinning:
    Broken West-Now Or Heaven
    Rush-Snakes & Arrows Live
    Okkervil River-The Stand Ins
    AC/DC-Black Ice
    Love Is All-A Hundred Things That Keep Me Up At Night

  4. Not being facetious, but what I’m most looking forward to this quarter (gosh, I feel like I’m at work now… I’ll be sure to come through on all my “deliverables,” A.C.!) is seeing preliminary singles lists by music writers so I can finally start catching up on everything I’ve missed this year (given that I really haven’t cared to keep up for some reason).

  5. That Charlie Pickett CD is pretty good (a lot better than the new AC/DC album, to my ears.) Lately listening to (new album wise): Rose Tattoo, Morel, Sonny Rollins live, Kenny Garrett live, Prisonshake.

    Can’t remember the last time I really “looked forward to” an album that hadn’t come out yet; it’s tough enough to keep up with what’s already out, and if I wasn’t pitching reviews of upcoming albums to magazines I write for, I can’t imagine why I’d pay any attention to upcoming release schedules at all. It will be nice to finally get a copy of the new Girlschool, though. Also looking forward to the Amazon prices for the Road Hammers album from this year sinking well below $10 (including postage), so I can afford to buy one. (Canadians are welcome to help me with that problem, if they see one cheap.)

    My singles list this year will be a mess — maybe my least definitive, most random one ever. I swear – -the most the music industry (and critics) become singles-oriented, the less I listen to music that way (except when I’m assigned to write about it that way, like with this Rolling Stone Songs of the Day thing I write. But even with that, I mostly just pick out album tracks I like.) I miss 45s. And I also miss driving a car with a radio in it.

  6. (New Taylor Swift will wind up in the CD player the minute I get it too, obviously. But it’s not like I’m going out of my way to hear leaked advance tracks from it or anything. I’ll hear it when I do.)

  7. Waitaminute! Steven Ward and Chuck Eddy have the SAME I.D. logo in this thread! [And it’s BLUE, sigh.] Now I know why, like Clark Kent and Superman, Steven and Chuck have never been seen in the same place at the same time.

  8. Ne-Yo – Year of the Gentleman. He finally makes us first end-to-end listenable album, and it’s often much more than that.

    Dolly Parton – Backwoods Barbie
    John Prine – Sweet Revenge
    New Order – Power, Corruption, and Lies (reissue).

  9. I cannot stop listening to the Ne-Yo album. Absolutely the best album of the year. The new Fucked Up, Gang Gang Dance, Ame’s Fabric 42, and Dave Aju’s Open Wide are all hitting me good and hard right now as well.

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