Rockcritics Podcast: Chuck Eddy (Part 2)

The second installment of the Eddy podcast focuses on the discographies in Stranded (Greil Marcus) and Marooned (Phil Freeman). Most (though not all) of the music bits are samples of songs culled from Marcus’s text. I may have more to say about this later (a whole bunch of things I wish I’d responded to at the time — i.e., Hackamore Brick), but for now… Check it out below (it’s a little over 15-min. long). More Chuck on the way later in the week.


2 thoughts on “Rockcritics Podcast: Chuck Eddy (Part 2)

  1. Phil Freeman pretty much admits that he has narrow tastes. He wrote on ILXor that he asked others to help him out with genres that he doesn’t much care for (like top 40 pop and indie). It does show – the way the discography goes from Freeman music to non-Freeman music and back is pretty jarring. The writing has some insights, but it doesn’t at all give you a feel for why this record is in and that one got left out. Particularly weird: 7 Van Halen singles – no VH albums.

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