Guy Peellaert


Also, I’ve posted this clip before, but it’s certainly worth seeing again — “Fantôche” by John Façade, with a swirling backdrop of stills taken directly from Peellaert & Nik Cohn’s Rock Dreams.


2 thoughts on “Guy Peellaert

  1. I remember Rock Dreams from my youth when I discovered it at my aunt’s apartment. The pages eventually fell out of hers so i bought a new copy on ebay. The pictures are haunting and beautiful indeed. My favorites are the Velvet Underground, alone in the shadow of a cold NYC backstreet, and a wild Gene Vincent, pulling a knife on the cops who have come to the bar to arrest him. I often wondered why Led Zep was not portrayed, though Page is shown carrying a guitar with Clapton, Beck, etc. Is it because Zep was seen as something hideous and new to the many rock fans and critics at the time?

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