Question of the Week: Who is your favorite Beatle?


December 1, 2008 by A.C. Rhodes

And what was his best post-Beatle record, solo or otherwise?


7 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Who is your favorite Beatle?

  1. Alex V. Cook says:

    Smart-ass answer: The Rolling Stones, as an outside force.

    Real answer: John Lennon, perhaps more as a continuing presence (physical and iconic) than as a musician. John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band is my favorite of his solo albums. There are better songs scattered throughout the rest of his catalog, but Plastic Ono Band is such a powerful record: God, mama, Beatles, fame, class politics, “me”, “you”, love, and hate all fired out of a cannon out to the horizon, just to get free of it all.

  2. I listened to a lot of Wings back in the day, love “Live and Let Die” and know lyrics to all the songs on Venus and Mars. So, I’ll say Paul is my favorite.

  3. Frank Church says:

    John, because he went beyond just raking in the money. You had to admire a guy who could have had any woman he wanted but picked a rather unattractive asian woman. The FBI hated him, which is a good thing. A sizeable FBI file is a sign of maturity.

  4. Anonymous says:

    John was intelligent but he never followed what he preached.
    George was intelligent, humble and down to earth bloke.

  5. theresa k. says:

    all things must pass

  6. smarlett says:

    John, because I simply identify more with him, and I respect him the most of all Beatles. To me it’s little to do with the music when picking a favorite Beatle. It’s more to do with the type of person you are. Everyone identifies more with one of the boys than the others.

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