From the Department of Naughty and Nice: Jason Gross opines off on the best and worst in music writing of 2008

musicscribeawards081It was the baddest of times, it was the even worse of times. Amid firings, layoffs and buyouts, Perfect Sound Forever‘s Jason Gross lays it all out for us at Pop Matters with his Best Music Scribing Awards 2008.
Categories include Super, Superior, Quality and Bottom of the Barrel. Topics covered range from heady (various artists facing health challenges) to humorous (posts left in response to a YouTube video of self-important noise rockers) and topical (two about music used as torture in the middle east).mark-e-smith-ahNo matter if opinions are in kind or differ, one thing is certain, this segment is thought provoking and sure to get avid readers and music enthusiasts talking.

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