Blogwatch: 10 Things Zine


The most logical way to kick off Blogwatch is to take it from the top, and who is to be found there, but Dan Halligan of 10_Things_Zine, which is a good thing considering that he is one of the e-zine and blog pioneers. To say Halligan has been a pretty active guy around Seattle would be an understatement. Starting in the ’80s by contributing to Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll he went on to publish 10 Things Jesus Wants You to Know (est. 1991 going to the net in ’95), and then on to edit Tablet, Seattle’s late, award-winning arts magazine.

As of late, aside from blogging, he still occasionally freelances and is a University library manager in Seattle – not such a far cry from maintaning ‘zine collections, which he does at alt.zines. Halligan has also conducting readings from an upcoming book about, you guessed it, ‘zining in the ’90s, to favorable audience response.

Recent blog entries have included an exhaustive roundup of businesses who have downsized and layed workers off Year-to-date-job-layoffs and how the net is overtaking the printed word in news In-2008-internet-overtook-newspapers, to his near-catastrophic ‘zine cleaning: zinewiki-returns, his Danny on the spot street art watch, seattle-street-art, and wishes for the new year an entertaining read as well, spotlighting a sharp wit,

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