Lester Talks Over Clapton

Truth be told, when it comes to Lester Bangs – and I don’t think I’m alone here – I just can’t get enough. That’s why weathering through footage of Eric Clapton is worth it in this clip. That and the fact that he looks more like Richard Thompson (who would have been preferable) and is more tolerable when he’s high, which it looks like he is here. Ironically, this is the subject Lester hits on during his time on-screen. There has to be more video out there; footage that wouldn’t be taken down by WEA.

4 thoughts on “Lester Talks Over Clapton

  1. Count me in … I can’t get enough Lester, either. I don’t think he’s actually interviewing Clapton, though, if it matters.

  2. That could explain the same attire & setting as the Roxy Music segment. This one didn’t have a notation as to where the clip came from.

  3. The Ferry and Clapton segments are both from the British documentary, *All You Need is Love*, produced (or directed) by Tony Palmer. It ran a few times in Ontario in the seventies on TVO, I remember finding it quite thrilling to see and hear the Lester whose byline I’d been reading in Creem. Pretty sure the doc is now available on DVD, have still never seen any of the pre-rock episodes which I’d like to now. (I think it came out in the mid-70s; it was definitely pre-punk.)

  4. I interviewed Clapton for VH1 several years ago, and I’m telling you, he’s much more tolerable clean and articulate than he is in the first and last interview clips on this video. (What the hell’s he even talking about?) Sure, he’s a bit Spinal Tap-ish in the second clip, where he’s explaining his technique, but he’s just responding to the techy questions. Lester, on the other hand, sounds totally clearheaded and articulate. Thanks for posting this!

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