Iconic Producer: Punk Rock Photographer Theresa Kereakes Gets Her Wings

Pop counterculture photojournalist, Theresa Kereakes has been chronicling bands since the late 1970s. From working the ticket counter at the Whiskey to producing and supervising installments of VH1’s infamous Storytellers series to shooting video for Sting’s Rain Forest Foundation, her career continues to expand. This month the photographer has the distinctive experience of having two sets of works in Christie’s Pop Culture Auction.
Among collectables of poster bills for the Velvet Underground, Joy Division and Clash along with vintage Seditionaries bondage pants and historic pop culture pins will be Kereakes’ formidable photographic works. These include sets of twelve shots of The Germs first practice and of Belinda Carlisle and dancer Pleasant Gehman affecting various pin up girl poses. Each set is accompanied by a letter from the artist.
Christie’s Pop Culture Auction starts Tuesday, June 23rd 2009.

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