For The Benefit of Mr. Williams

Paul Williams’ benefit at San Francisco’s Red Devil Lounge last month did not disappoint in either attendance or musical performance. In fact, it brought all sorts of folks together who know the distinguished scribe and Crawdaddy originator or played together during the Bay area punk scene. Deborah Iyall (Romeo Void lead singer and solo artist) and Dramarama’s John Easdale were in attendance as were new … Continue reading For The Benefit of Mr. Williams

Where it all began…

The Little Sandy Review and the Birth of Rock Criticism by David Lightbourne in The New Vulgate (“articles of social, political, and psychological constitution”). Recounts in detail the story of the little ‘zine Paul Nelson and Jon Pankake started publishing in 1960, without which it’s entirely possible none of us would even be here. Some nice photos, too. Just as an aside… via TNV, also … Continue reading Where it all began…

Meme of the Day: Readers – Who Needs ’em?

“I had two kinds of letters that were very encouraging. The first kind of letter was from sixty-year-old housewives saying: ‘Jesus, you know, it really isn’t all that noise I thought it was. Thank you for introducing it to me, and Simon and Garfunkel and other pleasing things.’ And the letters from young people saying: ‘My God, I can’t believe it. I never thought anyone … Continue reading Meme of the Day: Readers – Who Needs ’em?

Ben Fong Torres Does “SF Live,” Part I

Just when they pull him out, he gets posted in again. Ben Fong Torres, whose previous YouTube links have been mysteriously removed from YouTube, magically reappears in this interview with Christina Marie Flores on “SF Live” from February of ’09, in two parts. Here, he provides a convenient explanation for new readers and viewers as to the derivation of his name hyphenation and his start … Continue reading Ben Fong Torres Does “SF Live,” Part I